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Welcome!   If you're new, read the Introduction to Civilism. The Four Civilist Papers are the reforms - on the left sidebar. For the cynic realist, WHY Civilism Will Work is a must-read. For other places to exchange ideas -  the Civilist Blog,  Civilist Forum and Open Mike - look on right sidebar.

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WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF...we the voters, Independents, moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats set aside our differences and joined forces to write a list of REFORMS, based on PRINCIPLES of DEMOCRACY?  Principles that Congress has corrupted or neglected to the peril of our republic. What if voters ignore party lines and only elect those Congressional candidates who endorse our reforms??

The Civilist Papers are those REFORMS! We have a specific agenda and a real strategy to implement changes which will make Congress responsive to the PEOPLE, instead of special interests. 

What do we want from you? First, learn about Civilism. (left sidebar) Second, we invite you to Join the Civilist Movement, (right sidebar) which only means you allow us to send you emails about recruiting candidates to Civilism in your state, electing them to Congress, and sheparding our reforms through the legislative process with timely emails and phone calls to the right people in massive amounts.
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